GDD: MTDL Interview & Free Download



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A few weeks ago we had a massive twitter interview with MadTech Records and their latest slew of artists: Lakosa, iO, and Pedro123. The man behind the scenes at MadTech, James, was an absolute pleasure to speak with and has continued to deliver some lovely tracks in our inboxes. So, when he shot us over the announcement of MadTech’s sublabel, MTDL, which will be pushing free music downloads, I quickly jumped on it. Awesome music… for free? Consistently? Sounds like a win.

Copped James for a quick interview, where he gave us the down-low with the new sub-label, as well as the sounds both labels will be pushing, and more. Incredibly well-spoken and advocating an intelligent and forward-thinking perspective on music in one of the most ahead-of-the-game cities in the world, James has plenty of good things to say. Don’t forget to check out the awesome free track below, a groovy garage jam with some rad vocal samples, from young producer Aaron Lipsett; not a bad way to kick off the first of MTDL’s releases!

Read the full interview with MadTech’s James, over at GDD…